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Remember To Look Around You

Remember To Look Around You
Emily Browning
Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I saw her on the corner of a fairly busy road, holding a sign. Her cheeks were red from the wind hitting them, and her children were hopping up and down trying to stay warm.

Remember To Look Around You

I saw her on the corner of a fairly busy road, holding a sign: “Single mom, looking for work.”  She was dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans.  She was not wearing a coat or gloves, and there were two young children dancing around her feet.  I stopped at the traffic light, and for a moment our eyes met.  Her cheeks were red from the wind hitting them and upon closer inspection I realized her children were not dancing at her feet.  Instead they were hopping up and down trying to stay warm. 

I pulled over, got out of the car, walked towards her and asked:  “What makes a woman stand out here in the cold, basically risking her life, looking for work? “  She explained that she was homeless, and trying to provide her children with some type of Christmas.  She went on to explain that in addition to the 2 children she already has, she is 5 months pregnant.  She stated she has been trying to find work but has had no luck due to her pregnancy.  I hurt for this woman not just on a woman to woman level, or a mom to mom level, but on a human to human level.   I knew I couldn’t leave this woman on the side of the road, so I put her and her children in my car, turned on the heat to warm fingers and toes, and got to work.  It took me all of 25 minutes to find her a homeless shelter, assistance for food, and the possibility of a job. 

After I dropped the woman and her family off at the shelter, I pulled my car over and had a good cry.  I cried because there was a moment when I was going to drive past that woman, because I was in a hurry.  What a tragedy that would have been.  As we continue into the holiday season, I urge you to remember the true meaning of this season is not the commercialization that has become Christmas.  Instead please remember to look around you, wherever you are and usher kindness to your fellow man this holiday season.   

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About Emily Browning

On The Urban Farm

Emily is a native of Tipp City, where she lives with her partner (The Reluctant Farmer) and teenage daughter. Together they have created an urban homestead, living off food produced right from their own backyard.

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