Dayton Children's Hospital New Patient Tower

BY: Lisa Seibert
last updated 06/14/2017
Dayton Children's Hospital New Patient Tower

Dayton Children's Hospital hosted a public open house and tour of the new tower Sunday June 11, nearly 3 years after breaking ground on the project.

Dayton Children's Hospital New Patient Tower

Dayton Children's Hospital TowerDayton Children's Goes Above and Beyond

There was a carnival-like atmosphere outside with games, goodies, refreshments, and red superhero capes for the little ones. Many of the families I encountered during the tour were taking note of the improvements in the sparkling new space as they recalled their stays at DCH.  

The Dragonflyer catches your eye on entry to the lobby area and “Things that fly” icons adorn each level culminating with a rocket ship on the top floor to honor Dayton’s aviation heritage. Three floors were open to tour; 4 - The Mills Family Comprehensive Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, 5 - The Newborn Intensive Care Unit, and 6 - The Wallace Critical Care Complex. 

To call the new tower amazing and incredible falls short of what it offers. In their own words, DCH believes, “at the end of the day, every child deserves care that goes above and beyond”, and the new tower is testament to that. The advancements and improvements are too numerous to outline here in detail, though these items are particularly noteworthy:

Team Communication Center: each staff member wears an electronic device that identifies their role, and each role has a corresponding color. When medical staff members are in a patient room, a color-coded light outside the room indicates whether a nurse, therapy provider, or physician is in the room. The in-room communications panel allows team members to easily locate other staff members to request assistance. 

Dayton Children's Patient Rooms & NICU NicView Webcams: The Newborn Intensive Care Unit offers webcam monitoring of NICU patients. Family members will be given a password so they can log in and see their babies when they need to be away. 

Pediatric Intensive Care rooms are equipped with entertainment systems that also educate. Caregivers can assign videos for family to view, allowing family to watch them together or independently and as many times as they’d like.  

Twin Rooms: The NICU has 7 twin rooms! These will reduce anxiety for parents and families of twins. 

Dayton Children's SkydeckSkydeck: A private roof top area with cushy floor, giant xylophone, and beautiful mosaic because sometimes you just need a breath of fresh air and some sunshine. 

The team members posted at stations throughout the tour are super excited and looking forward to moving into the new space mid-July. As much as we hope we’ll never need them, it’s nice to know that the incredible team at DCH have a state of the art facility and technology if and when we do.


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