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Meet Dayton's Digital Diva: Ali Rittenhouse

Meet Dayton's Digital Diva: Ali Rittenhouse
Lisa Seibert
Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ali Rittenhouse is on a mission: To activate a new generation of entrepreneurial women who run their online businesses from anywhere in the world - and she is succeeding!

Meet Dayton's Digital Diva: Ali Rittenhouse

Ali Rittenhouse - Dayton's Digital Diva - is on a mission: "To activate a new generation of entrepreneurial women who run their online businesses from anywhere in the world" and she is succeeding! 

Alicia RittenhouseI found Ali on Twitter last year. We've interacted on Facebook, Twitter and her website; I also subscribe to her newsletter and gain information from her blog, free training, and webinars. I've directed many other women to Ali's business because I find value in her posts, webinars, blogs, and tweets. 

When I asked Ali who she has been influenced by, she cited Ivanka Trump, Marie Forleo, Daniel LaPorte, and Mara Glazer as pivotal in helping her understand that she can create the life and business she wants. She also credits Kris Carr for helping her tie nutrition and good health to the big picture.

Ali became a VA, or "virtual assistant" in 2004 completing administrative tasks for busy entrepreneurs. As word of her skills spread - she gained clients - the work load increased - and she became a slave to her work. That prompted a search for other VA's to whom she could delegate some of the work. When she couldn't find enough help, Ali decided that empowering others by providing VA training was what she should be doing, so she developed and launched Ali Rittenhouse International in 2006.

 At that time LinkedIn (2003 launch) and Facebook (2004 launch) were "toddlers", Twitter was a "newborn" (2006 launch), and Pinterest wasn't even a gleam in its founders' eyes. She's made it her business to master these and other social media channels and tech tasks, then share her knowledge through online classes. Ali's business is still evolving; she currently offers instruction though VIP sessions, private coaching, and three different levels of monthly membership in "Geek Labs 4preneurs".

Ali got Dayton Local's attention during the Buzzworthy Biz Babes - People's Choice Award contest - and we shared her participation on Dayton Local's Facebook page to help her earn votes. Ali won 1st place in the contest by garnering more votes than any other entrant. She's a frequent contest participant and has many other wins under her belt, a few of which include:

Ali Rittenhouse - Living DaytonAli is making a name for herself and has been featured on WDTN's Living Dayton several times to share her experiences and tech tips; such as which phone apps to keep your kids entertained on summer trips or your life in order. 

Dayton's Tech Cheerleader, Digital Diva + Empress of Online Empires will celebrate her eighth anniversary in business this summer. Quite an accomplishment for a "high-school + college drop-out who had a daughter at 19, got fired from her job, divorced at 25, and moved home with her mama." Kudos Ali, way to overcome and show us how it's done!

We think Dayton is lucky to have an entrepreneur like Ali Rittenhouse - and we're looking forward to seeing and hearing a lot more from Ali Rittenhouse in the future!  Check out her website below:

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