Family-Friendly Disney Trivia Nights
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Family-Friendly Disney Trivia Nights

Family-Friendly Disney Trivia Nights
Past Event - Monday, July 17, 2017
This page may be updated if the event is repeated

Great news! Trivia with a Twist will be hosting several Disney themed trivia nights throughout the second week of July.

Family-Friendly Disney Trivia Nights

How much do you REALLY know about your favorite Disney movies?

You'll have four rounds to demonstrate how well you and your friends know topics based on several different Disney movie themes. We will sprinkle a little fairy dust on you (clues on what to study) when you join our Facebook event page. Each location address below is a link to the page on Facebook. Join the event for hints to questions at your favorite castle (bar)! The first three rounds will test your knowledge. But if all else fails, prepare for a magical journey with hidden wonders, AKA a Bonus game at the end of each round. (Games may or may not contain actual magic) The real challenge comes in the fourth round. Charge your phones and prepare for a special visual trivia challenge, you’ll have to look this up yourselves.

When you visit the Disney magical kingdom of Trivia with a Twist you are awarded 3 different prizes for your knowledge. First place is a prize fit for a prince. A second place prize would make you want to kiss a frog. Third place will make you wish you turned into a pumpkin for the night. Prizes vary per location.

Trivia with a Twist is ALWAYS free to play!

Sound like fun? Join us at any of these locations throughout Ohio. Each location and time is a direct link to the Facebook page. Select the link and join the event for hints and updates.

BEST DRESSED will be awarded with an extra bonus point, so break out your glass slippers and ballroom gown!

Disney Trivia - Times/Locations

Monday July 10th

Primanti Bros.  2430 N Fairfield Rd, Beavercreek 6:30-8:30 pm

Tuesday July 11th

Star City Brew 319 S 2nd St, Miamisburg 7-9 

South Park Tavern 1301 Wayne Ave 7-9 pm

Toxic Brew Co. 431 E 5th St 8-10 pm

Wednesday July 12th

Buffalo Wild Wings 2776 Centre Dr, Fairborn 7-9 pm

Monday July 17th

 O'Conners Irish Pub 2200 N Limestone St, Springfield 7-9 pm

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