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Midwest Vein & Laser Center

Midwest Vein & Laser Center

Midwest Vein and Laser (MVL) in Centerville, Ohio, is one of the most widely recognized centers for the treatment of varicose veins and laser surgery in the nation.

Midwest Vein & Laser is dedicated to providing patients with venous disease the highest quality of care using state of the art equipment to achieve excellent results.

Dr. Tyrrell

About Dr. Tyrrell

Robert Tyrrell MD is a board certified Interventional Radiologist and has been in practice as the head of interventional hospital services for 23 years. He has performed thousands of endovascular procedures using small catheters, balloons, lasers and stents to treat both arteries and veins. He is an expert in ultrasound which is critical to accurately diagnosing and treating vein disorders. He is experienced in the entire spectrum of vein disease ranging from venous insufficiency causing varicose and spider veins to blocked veins causing leg swelling and pain.

Dr. Tyrrell is passionate about patient care and outcomes. His goal is to help patients feel and live better.

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  • 8101 Miller Farm Lane
    Centerville, OH 45459
  • Map / Directions:

    Midwest Vein & Laser Center
    8101 Miller Farm Lane
    Centerville, OH 45459
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