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Copy Cats Inc.

Copy Cats Inc.

Copy Cats helps small businesses find the best solution for their marketing be it offline or online!

Tammy is a freelance copywriter and slowly becoming an expert on the HCG Diet and other health alternatives.


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Last Minute Valentines Getaways

2/10/2013 - Valentine's Day is right around the corner - but it's not too late to book a weekend getaway and find someone to watch the kids! - Read More

What’s Inside Stage Coach Toys?

12/15/2012 - The holidays are a special time, and it's a time when I think about my grandparents, and what they shared with me as a child. I treasured those times, and I got to relive that today while talking to the amazing Walt Skunda at Stage Coach Toys in Bellbrook. - Read More

The Beauty of Artistry in Wood

10/29/2012 - If you haven’t been to the Artistry in Wood event here in the Dayton Area, you are in for a treat this year. I had the pleasure of chatting with Don recently to learn bit more about what he does and why. - Read More

Alzheimer’s Support in Dayton & the Miami Valley

10/1/2012 - Imagine for a moment that you don't know where you are, that you have lost track of time, or you don't know your name. That is hard to grasp right? If you have a beloved parent or other loved one with these symptoms, there is hope, and there is local support available. - Read More

What's Poppin' Inside the Dayton Philharmonic?

9/22/2012 - Imagine for a moment what life would be like without music. It's a strange thought, wouldn't you agree? It seems that music is a universal language, and Neal Gittleman, conductor of the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra would agree. Some of you reading this might think you have this orchestra all hammered out, and that all you get is classical music, right? What if I told you that you were wrong? - Read More

Wir sehen uns beim Germanfest 2012!

8/3/2012 - Imagine that you drive by the Carillon Park, and you see people eating, drinking, and being merry. That would be the Germanfest folks, because that is what they do best! So let me give you a bit of Germanfest history, and WHY you should be there! - Read More

Finding Respite in Germantown MetroPark

7/20/2012 - Germantown MetroPark is the perfect respite for you to avoid the city, get away from the traffic jams, and enjoy nature amid the countryside. What you will find at the Germantown MetroPark just might surprise you. - Read More

Dayton Air Show 2012

7/5/2012 - It’s time again for the Dayton Air Show, and if you haven’t been then it’s time to put on your flip flops and head out for this year’s rendition. Not only will Dayton have the pleasure and the honor of watching the Blue Angels fly, but there are some other fantastic daredevils that will be on the scene and someone you won’t want to miss the opportunity to meet! - Read More

Brush Up on Your Painting with Paintbrush Pottery in Springboro!

5/31/2012 - With a supply of bisque in all varieties from floor to ceiling - this Paintbrush Pottery is great for kids big and small, short and tall. - Read More

The Explosion of Cupcake Mania in Dayton

5/5/2012 - There is no question that the popularity of cupcakes has exploded in recent years, and the Dayton area is no exception. At Dayton Local, we stopped by a few of the newer cupcake stores to get the inside scoop! - Read More

Dayton Ohio May Very Well be Going Green!

4/30/2012 - It seems that when it comes to health food stores they are in high demand, but short supply. However, the Dayton area is changing... - Read More

The Noah Wotherspoon Band - Blues at its Best in Dayton!

4/25/2012 - A little glance into the chat that I had with Noah Wotherspoon today, and what I learned about blues that surprised me. - Read More

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