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Dayton Ohio - Yellow Cab Food Truck Hub

Yellow Cab Food Truck Hub
Past Event - Friday, May 15, 2020
This page may be updated if the event is repeated
Yellow Cab Tavern
700 E. 4th Street, Dayton, OH 45402 [map it]

Dining and entertainment while social distancing at Yellow Cab Tavern. Carryout and delivery also available.

Yellow Cab Food Truck Hub

Yellow Cab Food Truck Hub

PLEASE READ the whole event description as there are important policies you need to know before showing up. Not following these policies (or for any reason we feel necessary) will be means for non - admission or removal from the property.

We are very fortunate to have an incredibly large outdoor dining area at The Yellow Cab Tavern and to be focused on counter service style dining that does not require servers, plates or glassware, and can be accomplished with minimal contact. Along with this, we are setting in place strict policies that will focus on keeping guests and staff safe and socially-distant from each other.

For these reasons, we have decided to open our Food Truck Hub to public on site dining and drinking starting on May 15th from 4pm - Midnight. Assuming the public is courteous to other guests and staff, we will continue with the following schedule:

  • Thurs 4pm - 10pm
  • Friday 4pm - Midnight
  • Saturday 4pm - Midnight
  • Sunday 4pm - 10pm

How it will work

Please read.  Important policies below

Seating and arrival

When you arrive you will be greeted by a host who will take you to your table or bench. Please note, at this time we will only be accepting groups of four people or less.

These tables will be at a 12 foot or greater distance from each other to allow distance between groups.

If the lot is at capacity, you will have to wait outside of the property until space becomes available.

There will be no "reservations" or preferred seating. Your seating arrangements will be 100% up to the host and based on availability.

Ordering and food pick up

Once you're at your table, you will need to order from all vendors and the bar via our website

For a current list of food truck vendors, see our facebook event.

You will receive a confirmation time on when to pick up your food and beverage from our consolidated pick-up area. Only one member of your group will be allowed to pick up food for your whole group.

Clean up

Your group will be required to throw away all trash in our many receptacles. Hand and spray sanitizing will be available for use.

Masks and Restrooms

Masks are required unless you are at your seating area.

There are only two reasons that will be permitted to enter into The Yellow Cab:

1. To pick up food and beverage.
2. To use the restroom

When you are doing either of these things, you must wear a mask.

Our bathrooms will be monitored and cleaned on an extremely regular basis.


In case of rain or inclement weather, you will be permitted to bring pop up tents or canopies for your table. You will have to setup these temporary structures yourself.

We will not offer refunds in the case of inclement weather as all of your food will be packaged "to go"


You will not be permitted to leave your seating area for any reason other than picking up food or using the restroom. Do not get up to visit with other tables. Do not get up to go directly to trucks. Stay distant.

Listen, we all just want to eat and drink and be out. Trust us, we feel it too. But it must be done safely.

We'll be testing and reexamining all of these policies and operations this weekend. But, we will not create an unsafe experience for staff or guest. If this doesn't work, we will shut it down. This property is private property and as such we reserve the right to remove any individual or group that fails to follow these policies or for any reason we feel necessary.

We'll still be offering carryout and delivery from all trucks and the bar.

Check out the menus and order or preorder ahead of time (pre-order only available from pickup, give us 40 - 60 min for delivery)

  • Thurs 4pm - 10pm
  • Friday 4pm - Midnight
  • Saturday 4pm - Midnight
  • Sunday 4pm - 10pm

Pick up or delivery

700 E. 4th St. Dayton
Delivery Range: 5 miles ($3 delivery fee, $25 minimum)

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More Information
  • Event Venue:

    Yellow Cab Tavern
    700 E. 4th Street
    Dayton, OH 45402
    [Get Map]
    Call: 937-424-3870
    Yellow Cab is a community art space, bar, and live music venue in Dayton, Ohio. We host a variety of events- artshows, live music, food truck rallies, and much more!

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