Haunted Halloween at Poasttown Elementary School

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Haunted Halloween at Poasttown Elementary School

Haunted Halloween at Poasttown Elementary School
Past Event - Saturday, October 30, 2021
This page may be updated if the event is repeated
6600 Trenton Franklin Road, Middletown, Ohio [map it]
$65.00 - $121.00

Eclipse Paranormal will be hosting trick or treating, daytime tours, and an evening ghost hunt at Poasttown Elementary School on Saturday, October 30th starting at 4:00pm

Haunted Halloween at Poasttown Elementary School

Eclipse Paranormal will be hosting Trick or Treat for anyone dressed in costume at Poasttown Elementary School on Saturday, October 30th, from 4:00pm - 7:00pm.
During this time, you will have the opportunity to tour the school for a small donation. Donations collected will help with preservation, restoration, and maintenance of the school. We will also be sharing our paranormal experiences and will be answering questions that you may have.
Poasttown Elementary School is truly one of the most haunted location in the State of Ohio and the country and has been featured on multiple paranormal TV shows and YouTube channels. Two of you guides for the evening live in the area and have investigated here many times with multiple encounters and experiences. Patrick Dehart states, “To be honest with you, Poasttown is very active. I rate it up there with my top 10…There was a train wreck nearby and supposedly they brough the bodies back to the area where the school sit”.
There were several train accidents in the area during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. On July 25th, 1891, a passenger train collided with a freight train resulting in four deaths and 50 injuries. Almost 20 years later, July 4th, 1910, a passenger train ran off schedule after a detour and collided with a freight train—all passengers in the two cars closest to the engine either died or were seriously injured. There were no hospitals at the time and the makeshift triage was where the school stands today. Overall, there were 36 deaths due to accidents on the Middletown Railways.
During the Great Flood of 1913, six people were killed just outside of Middletown. However, the flood destroyed so many homes and businesses that it may have left some energy behind.
Type of paranormal activity you may experience while investigation, or even touring the building include, but
Is not limited to
  • Feeling heaviness
  • Feeling of being watched
  • Disembodied voices that are often heard through the hallways
  • Residual sounds
  • Whistles
  • The spirit of a little girl
We are offering four investigation options for those 18 years of age and older
  • Friday night investigation of the Broadwell Funeral Home in Felicity, Ohio and on Saturday, Poasttown Elementary School
  • Poasttown Elementary School only on Saturday
  • Overnight investigation from 7:45pm – 4:00am or later
  • 7:45pm – midnight
  • Midnight – 4:00am or later
For more information or to purchase tickets, visit our website below.  If you have any question or concerns, feel free to email us at info@eclipseparanormal.com or visit our Facebook page.
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