Mediumship 101 W/ Maria Leggett - 4 Class Series

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Dayton Ohio - Mediumship 101 W/ Maria Leggett - 4 Class Series

Mediumship 101 W/ Maria Leggett - 4 Class Series
Google Calendar Yahoo Calendar Tuesday, July 11, 2023
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Temple of the Rebel Goddess
400 Linden Ave, (Suite 245) Dayton, OH 45403 [map it]

Mediumship is an ability, not a gift.

Mediumship 101 W/ Maria Leggett - 4 Class Series

Mediumship is an ability, not a gift.

The most common thing I hear from my students is “I used to see Spirit when I was a kid, but I was told it wasn’t real so I turned it off.” Unfortunately, this is the case with the majority of people who are walking this Earth.

When we are born, we are born with a natural connection to the other side. We just left there as part of our reincarnation so of course we are connected. Through our evolution on Earth, we are taught by non-believers it’s evil, but it is not. Mediumship is all throughout the bible where God speaks to different people and they heard him. Your Higher Power is not a physical being. Therefore to hear Your Higher Power you are using your extra-sensory perception, clairaudience.

You will learn...

  • The proper level of consciousness to provide optimal connection to Spirit
  • Raising your own vibration in order to develop a connection with Spirit
  • Definition of energy and how it applies to Spirit connections
  • You will be guided through two separate meditations
  • Opening the Channel to create a greater connection to Spirit
  • Meeting your personal Spirit Communicator Guide

By the end of class you will...

  • Received messages for yourself
  • Received messages for a classmate
  • Met your own Spirit Communicator Guide
  • An understanding of Energy
  • An understanding of consciousness and vibration
  • Learned how to raise your own vibration Experienced a meditation to open your channeling abilities

Led by Rev. Maria Leggett, a Spiritualist Minister, Medium and Teacher. Maria trained in Blue Ash, Ohio for her Mediumship and is currently enrolled in seminary at Fellowships of the Spirit in the Spiritualist Community of Lily Dale, NY. Maria holds sacred space for you during readings and spiritual coaching sessions bringing in messages of peace and love from the other side. Maria has been a professional medium for the last 6 years, finally stepping into the abilities she’s possessed throughout her life.

This class meets four times, Tuesdays From 7/11/23 - 8/1/23, 7p - 9p

Supported pricing is available via the honor system in a very limited quantity for those in true need. This option is for folks who would not be able to attend the gathering with standard pricing. If supported pricing is needed, we encourage you to make your purchase as soon as possible before these spaces are depleted. Please book with the regular option if that is affordable to you… abundance is attracted to those who let it flow.

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  • Event Venue:

    Temple of the Rebel Goddess
    Imagine a self-serve sacred coffee shop, where everything is donation based, and where you can cultivate your relationship to the Divine. Do your work, your art, or offer devotion to the deities.

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