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Dayton Ohio - Modern Witchery Series (6 Week)

Modern Witchery Series (6 Week)
Past Event - Wednesday, February 2, 2022
This page may be updated if the event is repeated
Temple of the Rebel Goddess
400 Linden Ave, (Suite 245) Dayton, OH 45403 [map it]
$33Adults only

Join us for this 6-week introductory series into “Modern Witchery”. Each session you will be educated on and experience a different element of simple things that can be used in the craft.

Modern Witchery Series (6 Week)

Join us for this 6-week introductory series into “Modern Witchery”. Each session you will be educated on and experience a different element of simple things that can be used in the craft. You will also be creating your own item of the week to take home so you can begin to build your witchey arsenal.

Week 1: Brief History of Witches & Altar Building

This week we will talk about the basics of understanding witchcraft, as well as cut through myths and misunderstandings in regards to the word Witch. We’ll also take a quick dive into understanding the what, where and how of altars.

You'll decorate your own Altar Besom!

Week 2: Candle Magick

One of the oldest forms of magick, using a candle has been a quick and easy method of spellworking for over a millenia. Whether you need help with your intention setting, manifestation spell, or release, this magick is easy to do and understand.

You’ll bless your own pillar candle to take home!

Week 3: Herbs

Whatever you desire, there’s an herb for that. We’ll talk about the use of herbs and how to create your own magick in the home with just the ingredients in the kitchen cabinet!

You’ll make and take home your own Witch’s Bottle, full of magickal herbally goodness!

Week 4: Sigils & Intention Oil

Sigils are powerful creations of your own design that help make manifest that which you desire.

Intention Oils are concoctions that can be applied to your skin, hair, bathwater or totems to give your intentions a swift kick in the pants (in a good way, of course!)

You’ll create a sigil to apply to the bottle of your own customized intention oil. This will supercharge your manifestation oil, raising the vibrations of your wild wants.

Week 5: Lunar Magick

This week we will talk about working with our beautiful moon. Her phases and faces help us stay in tune with her, our own body, and with nature.

You will create your own Lunar Bath Salts, customized based on the phase of the moon that is calling to you!

Week 6: Final Ceremony

This week, you will do the teaching! We will experience a short ceremony that each of you have created based on the classes of our series, as well as any other knowledge that you may have about ceremony building that we didn’t talk about! We will speak about expectations and answer any questions the week before, as well as stay in contact via email throughout the week leading up to our final gathering.


Full series investment: $200

Drop-in rate: $33 per class

*You must have attended at least one previous class to attend the final gathering (week 6.)

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  • Event Venue:

    Temple of the Rebel Goddess
    400 Linden Ave
    Dayton, OH 45403
    [Get Map]
    Call: 6093141712
    Imagine a self-serve sacred coffee shop, where everything is donation based, and where you can cultivate your relationship to the Divine. Do your work, your art, or offer devotion to the deities.

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