Link Celebrates 2nd Birthday
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Link Celebrates 2nd Birthday

Link Celebrates 2nd Birthday
Posted Friday, May 05, 2017

Today marks the second year since Link: Dayton Bike docked its first bike in 2015.

Link Celebrates 2nd Birthday

Link users took more than 30,600 trips in 2016 and burned more than 1,700,000 calories. Since its launch in 2015, Link users have taken more than 65,000 trips and have attracted more than 8,000 unique users to the system.  

Link grew from 24 stations to 27 in 2016, adding stations at Tech Town, the Montgomery County Job Center and at the Greater Dayton RTA Longworth Campus. The community also saw growth in the number of bike lanes on Warren Street and East Fifth Street, opening up new connections between Link stations.

New this year, Link is offering a membership type that offers hour trips – Annual Plus. Other perks of the membership include the opportunity for name recognition on a bike and a swag item from Link. “We’re excited to offer this new membership to our customers that want to chip in a little more to help us sustain and grow the program,” says Bike Miami Valley executive director Laura Estandia. “Annual Plus gives us the opportunity to recognize them and offer some perks in thanks.”  

Link will celebrate its 2nd Birthday on Saturday, May 13th at Fifth Street Brewpub from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM. Fifth Street Brewpub is tapping a special brew in celebration of Link’s Birthday dubbed Pedal Power. “We’ve brewed a gose beer for Link,” says Brewmaster Darren Link. “Yes, Link is my last name, so I’ve always had an affinity for the bikes. The beer we’re brewing will be brewed with hops, orange peel and coriander. The hops have a salty flavor so it will be reminiscent of drinking a Gatorade.”

Link is looking forward to a great first weekend of May with the launch of the River Run project downtown and the arrival of more than 600 International Trail Symposium attendees. “We’re excited to give those attending the conference an easy, convenient way to get around downtown,” says Estandia, “We’re kicking Bike Month off in a big way this year!”   

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