Dayton mom competing to be Inked Magazine Cover Girl
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Sky loved my tattoos

  • I Love You xoxo Skylar
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Dayton mom competing to be Inked Magazine Cover Girl

Dayton mom competing to be Inked Magazine Cover Girl

Dayton mom Kelli Jett is currently first in her group, and seeking support from her hometown to win the "Inked Magazine Cover Girl" contest.

Dayton mom competing to be Inked Magazine Cover Girl

Kelli Jett - Inked Magazine Cover GirlHelp Kelli rock the cover of Inked Magazine

In a move that will see her compete with women around the globe, Dayton-area mom Kelli Jett is vying to become the cover girl for Inked Magazine.

Kelli entered the magazine contest after initially being encouraged by a group of girlfriends.

"It’s completely out of my comfort zone," Kelli said, "but after talking to [her husband] Jeremy, we both said 'what the heck, go for it!'"

Despite currently being first in her group, the forty-five-year-old mother of four is candid, though increasingly enthusiastic about her chances.

"It's a long shot, as I realize I'm competing with 20 somethings; however, I plan to give it hell."

Having grown up in a conservative family where tattoos were a no-no, Kelli waited until the age of 20 to get her first tattoo. 

"At first, my family didn’t approve, but I think, over the years, they have come to realize that you CAN love Jesus and have tasteful tattoos! I believe tattoo acceptance has come a long way in the last decade."

Skylar tattoo - Into the LightKelli's children Lexy, Caden, Ashton, and "bonus daughter" Preslee are also rooting for their mom.

"My daughter Lexy is quite the ink addict, though my son Caden tolerates them," Kelli laughed.  "Ashton wants to get some but he’s only 16 so that’s not an option yet, and  Preslee thinks my ink is pretty."

Although many of her tattoos tell a story, there are a few that are quite special. Kelli's oldest daughter, Skylar, was killed in a car accident in 2012 when she was just 16 1/2.  In a touching tribute, Skylar's handwriting from a Mother’s Day card is tattooed on her left bicep, while another tattoo graces her right arm.  

"Sky loved my tattoos," Kelli said.  "I actually have quite a few for Sky, and my kids in general, but I love the one on my right arm depicting [Skylar] as an angel walking towards the light."

Asked how she looks at life, Kelli points to another of her tattoos, which proclaims "forgiveness will free your soul".

Kelli would like to give a shout out to local tattoo artists Matt Clemmer, who did most of her work, and also Steffen Jewell.  "Tattoos are addictive, Kelli said, "Especially if you have amazing tattoo artists, you crave the need for more ink." 

With a $25,000 prize at stake, plus an appearance on the cover of the magazine, Kelli needs your help to stay in the competition that will be decided by public vote.

A portion of the proceeds from the competition will be donated to MusiCares, a non-profit that helps struggling musicians succeed. 

The first round of voting ends 11pm this Thursday, Feb 20. After the first round, votes are cleared, so be sure to follow Kelli's progress and keep voting!

To vote for Kelli, follow this link.  

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