Dayton Ohio May Very Well be Going Green!
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Dayton Ohio May Very Well be Going Green!

Dayton Ohio May Very Well be Going Green!

Monday, April 30, 2012

It seems that when it comes to health food stores they are in high demand, but short supply. However, the Dayton area is changing...

Dayton Ohio May Very Well be Going Green!

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It seems that when it comes to health food stores they are in high demand, but short supply. However, the Dayton area is changing, and it’s happening quickly. If you are seeking health food stores in your area then you have come to the right place. Dayton Local wants to share with you its findings, so that you can start finding some healthier alternatives!

Earth Fare

The term "health food store” is often used too loosely, and I had no doubt after speaking with Emily Broughton, the Community Relations Coordinator of Earth Fare in Centerville.

Earth Fare
I asked Emily some basic questions about what they offer and why, and the response she gave was amazing. "There are tons of things we don’t carry because our food guideline is so stringent. That means we don’t carry anything with artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, and we don’t have anything here with bleached or bromated flour. There are literally 2-3,000 ingredients that we don’t allow in our store because they don’t meet our standards.”

Emily also went on to share with me that the meat is all free range, so there are no antibiotics or hormones in the meat-PERIOD. This was interesting because most stores aren’t that stringent and you can see that when you read the labels which I highly suggest!

The most refreshing thing aside from the great selection of purely organic foods is the community involvement that Earth Fare has with the locals, and that includes 15 events on a monthly basis. These events are stirring up votes among the locals, starting with a Tuesday night dinner known as the "Good Ole’ Days”, featuring Prime Rib, mashed potatoes and veggies for just $8.99. Who can get a Prime Rib dinner for $8.99 anywhere, let alone Prime Rib that is 100% natural? The other fantastic event that Earth Fare holds is on Thursday nights. Any adult who spends $5 on prepared food can feed up to 6 children for free. They choose a main dish, a side, and a drink and yes, it’s all free. Families can go to a place where they can feed their kids a healthy meal without breaking the bank, and in today’s economy what a tremendous act of kindness from a larger health food chain.

This store is anything but traditional, but yes, it has many of the same departments that you would find at a traditional grocery store. Earth Fare is in fact a full service grocery store with a bakery, meat department, deli counter, soup and salad bar, wine and cheese department, and a wellness department.

You can find some great coupons on their website, and be sure to look for the one freebie they give away each week! You might find your coupon for a free whole chicken! You can visit Earth Fare at 101 E. Alex-Bell Rd., Centerville, Ohio 45459, and they are located in the Cross Point Plaza next to the Zig Zag Gallery and Honeybaked Ham.

Health Foods Unlimited

Health Foods Unlimited

One of the larger health food stores in this area is Health Foods Unlimited by the Dayton Mall. Health Foods Unlimited, founded by Dorothy Miller, is still being run by her family today. Dorothy attracted countless customers over the years with great service and selection, and that hasn’t changed a bit.

Health Foods Unlimited is noted for carrying a nice selection of organic juices, supplements, earth-friendly cleaning products, books, loose leaf tea and herbs, and of course all-natural pet food. If you check out their frozen food section, they do carry a hard to find frozen Acai that you can use to make your own smoothies at home!

This store also offers coupons through email marketing which is quite attractive to customers, and has local growers in the store to share their produce and other products with the customers as they walk in. Other reasons that customers love this store include monthly specials on most vitamin and supplement brands, so the discounts are good for a full month, rather than a limited time.

Customers also appreciate visiting doctors that offer B 12 shots and other helpful remedies throughout the year, and of course one hot item that they carry that is hard to find elsewhere are the homeopathic HCG drops for the HCG diet.

You can find Health Foods Unlimited at 2250 Miamisburg-Centerville Road, in Centerville, Ohio 45459, or you can call them directly at (937) 433-5100. Visit their website.

Healthy Alternative Markets

Healthy Alternative Markets

You may be quite familiar with Healthy Alternative Markets if you live in the city of Dayton; however, there is now a new location in Beavercreek at the corner of North Fairfield Road and Kemp Road.

Customers love this store because it’s a smaller store and easier to shop, but has a great selection of vitamins and minerals, as well as all-natural pet food. All-natural pet food is something you just can’t find in Kroger, and although some of the other health food stores carry it, Healthy Alternative Markets has a great selection.

You can also find books on alternative health and healing, earth-friendly cleaning products, and a very friendly staff that is ready to answer your questions from the moment you walk in.

At this time Healthy Alternative Markets has two locations in the Dayton area; 8258 North Main Street, Dayton, Ohio 45415, and this location can be reached by calling (937) 890-8000. The new Beavercreek location is located at 2235 North Fairfield Road, Beavercreek, Ohio, 45431, and can be reached by calling (937) 426-7772. Visit their website. This store also has a location in Burlington, Kentucky!

Olympia Health Food

Olympia Health Foods

If you live in the Kettering and Oakwood area then you can shop at Olympia Health Foods. This small shop isn’t small on service or selection, and they also have all-natural pet food as well.

As you walk through the shop you will run into a friendly and knowledgeable staff, along with great skincare products, some grocery items, loose leaf herbs, vegan and kosher nutritional supplements, but the customers here love the selection of raw ingredients.

They do offer coupons on occasion so be sure to ask how you can get those when you come into the store. One thing that Olympia Health Foods offers that other stores don’t is a wonderful selection of incense, handmade jewelry, soaps and more.

You can find Olympia Health Food in the Towne and Country Plaza, just behind 3rd and Charles and Figlio. You may also contact them by phone at (937) 293-4244. This store does not currently have a website.

How These Shops Compare to Larger Chain Stores

These shops no doubt are quite different in their approach; in that most of what they offer is vegan, and truly an organic product.

Kroger has increased their natural food section, however, they still offer conventional produce, and the meat they offer isn’t free range. In health food stores, free range meat is all you will find, with an emphasis on grass fed beef, free range chicken, and even bison. As the employees will explain to you at any of these great stores, you won’t find meat with antibiotics and other toxins in their meat, and that is something they are quite proud of.

Health food stores are often ill conceived of having outrageous prices on their food, and while it may be true that some items are more expensive, you can compare expiration dates on milk and find that organic lasts a lot longer. There are other items that you find won’t last as long, like the hot dogs without nitrates, and other meats that are free range. These products all indicate to use by a certain date or you need to freeze them.

The bottom line is that organic is now becoming more of a demand, so could we see those prices go down? Maybe, but there is no way to know for sure.

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