A Cold and Creamy Recipe for Success

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A Cold and Creamy Recipe for Success

A Cold and Creamy Recipe for Success
Another Food Critic
Friday, January 25, 2013

A new frozen yogurt chain has come to Dayton, and at its first location, customer loyalty is key.

A Cold and Creamy Recipe for Success

A new frozen yogurt chain has come to Dayton, and at its first location, customer loyalty is key.

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt is an aggressive new chain out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma which has 224 locations open across the country and another 100 planned, according to its website. The first Dayton location opened in Kettering days ago, and locations in Dayton, Fairborn, Springfield and Troy are planned, according to the website.

Orange Leaf Frozen YogurtTake one step into Orange Leaf and you'll know they aren't kidding about the name. It's all orange and white, like a creamsickle. The now-familiar line of self-serve model dominates the little shop, with a great set of combinations of flavors to try. I had to sample all of them - it's a habit of mine to get a little dollop of everything - and I can definitely see the wisdom in setting things up the way they are. I like strawberries and I like peanut butter, but it never occurs to me until it's too late that those two flavors don't necessarily go well together.

The flavors that really impress me are the simple ones- the coffee flavor has a very rich and strong mocha aroma which is definitely worth a try. Brownie and peanut butter flavors were great, and together they made something spectacular - there's no beating one of DLM's "Killer Brownies" but it might come close.

My favorite has to be the "Wedding Cake." Now, everyone knows there's a difference between cake and wedding cake. This froyo is definitely wedding cake. It's got that extra bit of refinement, really. Put just about any flavor with it and you've got a very tasty dessert.

Couple the many flavors with a loyalty card and you've got a cold and creamy recipe for success. Dayton should take heed.

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt
424 E. Stroop Road
Kettering, OH 45429


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