Bowman Landes Thanksgiving Turkeys
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Bowman Landes Thanksgiving Turkeys

  • Bowman Landes Turkey Farm
    Bowman Landes Turkey Farm [ info ]

Bowman Landes Thanksgiving Turkeys

Bowman Landes Thanksgiving Turkeys
Posted 11/18/2017

As the sun rises on Thanksgiving morning, thousands of grand meals are in the works around Dayton. But when going to the store and picking up the seasonal bird, you might not know

Bowman Landes Thanksgiving Turkeys

As the sun rises on Thanksgiving morning, thousands of grand meals are in the works around Dayton, with seasonal favorites like stuffing, mashed potatoes and, of course, turkey.

Bowman Landes Meta Store & DeliBut when going to the store and picking up the seasonal bird, you might not know that it was born and raised on a farm in New Carlisle.

Bowman Landes makes turkey products of all kinds in its 145-acre farm along East Ross Road, today maintaining an old-fashioned family operation that dates to 1948. Both the Bowman and Landes families remain involved in its operations, said Carl Bowman , the current owner of the business.

"We're in the third and fourth generation now for both families," said Bowman. "We grow antibiotic free, free-range turkeys seasonally for the holidays of Christmas and Thanksgiving. They're also fed a vegetarian diet with no animal byproducts."

The farms have been recognized for these considerations, having been awarded the Ohio Environmental Stewardship award for poultry in 2007, as well as the Miami County Soil and Water Cooperator of the year for 2006.

Today the company sells over 100 different products ranging from whole turkeys to turkey sausage, ground turkey, deli meats, filet mignon turkey, bratwurst, mettwurst and franks. It also has a retail store at 6490 E. Ross Road in New Carlisle where it sells its meat products as well as other country favorites.

"We try to use small products and things you can get in Ohio so people can appreciate those as well," Bowman said.

The great demand for turkeys during the holiday season means the farms grow at least 65,000 to 70,000 turkeys a year for the holidays. In its website, Bowman Landes notes it raises male turkeys in 18 to 20 weeks, and hens from 14 to 17 weeks.

"It's a small-town product made on a local farm," he said, "People know where it's produced and processed, and they also know me."

Additionally, the company is a major contributor to such events as the Ohio Renaissance Festival, contributing 33,000 to 35,000 smoked turkey legs each year for that festival in September and October each year.

"Local means something to people again, which is great," he said, "We've got to support one another if we're going to have a thriving local community."

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    Bowman Landes

    Located in New Carlisle, Bowman Landes has maintained a reputation for value and flavor that sets us apart, and brings people back for more! Our free range turkeys are raised in the open air and sunshine.
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