Mister Cs Spectacular Slime
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Mister C's Spectacular Slime

Mister C's Spectacular Slime
Posted 4/12/2018

Slime is an extra fun and extra messy way to explore the concept of viscosity! Slime allows us to observe the scientific idea of viscosity.

Mister C's Spectacular Slime

Viscosity is a fluid’s resistance to flow. The more viscous a substance, the slower it flows. Slime is a liquid that behaves in a unique way that scientists describe as a non-newtonian fluid . These liquids behave differently than other liquids and have changes in viscosity in unique ways. A great way to see viscosity in action is right on your dinner table, ketchup! Ketchup is a non-newtonian fluid and has high viscosity. It pours very slowly.

You might be surprised that you can make your own non-newtonian fluid at home, slime! Slime is an extra fun and extra messy way to explore the concept of viscosity! Slime allows us to observe the scientific idea of viscosity. Follow along with Mister C’s Spectacular Slime video for instructions how to make your own slime. Then observe your slime’s viscosity. How viscous is your slime compared to water? What about pudding? What other liquids do you have in your kitchen that
might be more or less viscous?

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, teacher, or friend, we can all take the time to help kids reach their full
potential. Mister C invites you all to join him to explore the wonders of the world around us to LEARN TOGETHER!

When Mister C is not in the lab experimenting or in the studio dropping beats, he loves to connect with other learners
online. Share how you’re having fun learning this week and use #LearnTogetherDayton to show everyone what you have
learned with Mister C!


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    Mister C

    Mister C makes the ordinary extraordinary with his famous Hair Raising Science! Join him to explore the world & learn amazing things through demonstrations, experiments & songs. Let's learn together!
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