Meowlloween Flash Fiction Contest

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Meowlloween Flash Fiction Contest

Meowlloween Flash Fiction Contest

Enter our fiction contest, all themed around the spooky season and, of course, our cats! All writers are welcome and submissions are free (with a suggested contribution).

Meowlloween Flash Fiction Contest

Gem City Catfe is excited to announce our very first flash fiction competition!
Here are all the details:
• Anyone (yes, anyone!) can submit!
• The contest will be themed with spooky elements. You will be required to adhere to the prompt assigned to you (find details on those prompt assignments below).
• The top ten pieces will be published in an eZine that will be available for download for a small fee on October 31st - so that you can read some scary stories on Halloween night. All featured writers will receive a free eZine.
• The winner will get a private cat lounge party for up to 6. And of course, fame!
• There is no cost to enter, but we will have an area for suggested contributions if you want to help us get through these tough COVID times
We are stoked to have three awesome local judges: Katrina Kittle, Link Schreiber, and Val Beerbower. Check out their bios on the event page! They will pick their top three pieces and our Catfe representative will pick the winning piece from those choices.
Contest Rules:
• All pieces must be 750 words or less.
• Please use a legible font and submit your story in a PDF format via the link on our website.
• You must use the character, location, and word assigned to you.
• Make it as spooky as you can! But please avoid excessive language and/or violence since we want everyone to be able to enjoy our eZine.
Deadline: October 16th, 11:59 p.m.
Winners Announced: October 25th
Please use the prompt that falls within the first letter of your last name. You obviously know Mr. Baby and Meowrville, but the rest of the kitties all have Instagrams if you need to know more about them! You don’t need to know everything about your location and your entire story does not have to take place in the location as long as it either begins or ends there.
• A - D: Mr. Baby; laundry room; scarecrow
• E - I: Meowrville; basement of Catfe; pumpkin
• J - M: Snooblet; in the ceiling rafters; skeleton
• N - R: Wilpurr; Catfe service window; broomstick
• S - V: Tunder; cat lounge; fog
• W - Z: Crofty; behind the coffee bar; phantom
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