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Trade Art Studio

Trade Art Studio
Shannon Thomas
Monday, February 11, 2013

TRADE is a unique art studio, located in East Dayton, inside the very historic Linden-Davis building. They offer one on one instruction, small classes, and open studio events.

Trade Art Studio

TRADE is a unique art studio, located in East Dayton, inside the very historic Linden-Davis building, which has housed many companies over the last 112 years, including Huffman Bicycles! Even sewing machines were once manufactured there as well. TRADE is run by fellow Daytonians, Brooke Medlin and Atalie Gagnet and was formed in the summer of 2012. 

They offer one on one instruction, small classes, and open studio events where you can see their work and place orders for custom pieces. The studio is in a huge open area with exposed brick, tons of natural light, bad 90's R&B music blasting, and the shop cat (Spooky) coming up to greet everyone that comes in. 

Trade Art StudioWhen you walk in, you can just feel that creative process in the air! They currently have metalsmithing equipment, sewing station set up, and all their supplies and materials everywhere. They soon will be adding additional sewing stations, rolling mill, a block printing table set up, and a couple of additional metalsmithing stations for when classes are being offered.

Brooke and Atalie each have their own niches and talents. Brooke mainly sticks to custom jewelry and photography. She's been designing and fabricating jewelry since 2002 and has honed her skills including metal fabrication, enameling, and casting. A lot of the pieces she makes are made out of recycled materials such as repurposed brass left over from old letterpress pieces. 

Brooke opened her own shop during Activated Spaces in 2012 and once the lease was up, she joined forces with Atalie to form TRADE in their new current space. Atalie graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a focus on fashion design and metalsmithing. She then had the opportunity to learn pattern making and started doing seamstress work. She also is a very skilled painter and does many hand painted signs and murals. You've probably seen her work on Wayne Ave. outside of South Park, Square One Salon, and Ghostlight Coffee.

Trade Art Studio sell their work to boutiques, galleries, and online as well. You can also find Brooke's work at BRIM, a new hat shop in the Oregon District. They also take appointments where you can meet them at their space and discuss custom made pieces designed and made to your specifications. TRADE has a themed open house once every 2 months that is announced on their Facebook page so you can check out their work, socialize, and enjoy some coffee provided by Ghostlight.

With Valentine's Day this week, stop by and see their work available for purchase or put in an order for a custom piece that would be a great thoughtful gift for your significant other, best friend, mom, grandma, or even your dog or cat! Great opportunity to turn that typical "Hallmark Holiday" into a thoughtful, handcrafted gift that's custom made from start to finish.

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