UGIVE.ORG Announces UCREW, a Social Enterprise Program | Dayton Local
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UGIVE.ORG Announces UCREW, a Social Enterprise Program

UGIVE.ORG Announces UCREW, a Social Enterprise Program

Posted 9/14/2012

(Dayton) UGIVE.ORG has started its third year in Dayton, Ohio and the Youth Service Outreach Coordinators cannot wait to get high school students excited about giving back to their community! UGIVE.ORG is a non-profit organization on a mission to catalyze, excite, and empower the next generation of volunteers.

In addition to encouraging students to volunteer with local nonprofits, UGIVE offers a unique 6 month program called UCREW that is designed for highly motivated students who are interested in making a social change through entrepreneurship.

UCREW students will learn about the cutting edge concept of social enterprise and ultimately create and implement their own social enterprise before even graduating high school. During their first meeting, students will identify a change they would like to see happen in the world, then create a business model to financially support this social good. We have partnered with local universities and global business leaders to offer a world class social enterprise education and support the students throughout their journey. The UCREW team will volunteer once a month at different social enterprises such as Mission of Mary Farm, PowerNet of Dayton, One Bistro, United Rehabilitation Services, and Clothes That Work!

UCREW will meet twice monthly at the Montgomery County Educational Service Center at 4801 Springfield St in Riverside, Ohio. For more information, check out the website at and click on the Dayton tab. The application is open until September 19th, so get online now! If you know any students who might be interested in this program, I encourage you share this information with them. Email or call (937) 765-7648 with any questions.

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    Our job is to connect high school volunteers to service opportunities around the Miami Valley. We have over 1500 students and 50 nonprofits serving the Greater Dayton area. We are hosted by the Mentoring Collaborative of Montgomery County, and we are located in the Montgomery County Regional Educational Center, in Riverside near the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

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