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Marion’s Piazza Celebrates 47 Years

Marion’s Piazza Celebrates 47 Years

BY Tristan Navera | Monday, August 06, 2012

A Dayton institution is looking better than ever at 47 years and counting.

Marion’s Piazza, opened in 1965 has a custom Italian pizza concept with a thin crust – which it terms "Dayton Style Pizza” on its website. Today it is the go-to pizza place for many Daytonians, and an iconic symbol of the region.

Today, the pizza store operates eight locations in the Greater Dayton area. Founder Marion Glass has since passed away, but the business has stayed in the family. But, says its new owner, things are just as good at the shop as they have always been.

"We still strive for the best product using the best quality ingredients,” said Roger Glass, owner of the franchise and son of Marion Glass.

The company has offered coupons for 47 percent off their pizzas in local newspapers, but Glass declined to offer them online. "We want to give as many customers as possible the chance to get a few pizzas” Glass said, noting the coupons are valid one per customer.  Look for the pizza coupons in the Dayton Daily News and Reach Magazine and bring the original coupon to the restaurant.

According to its website, Marion’s been voted "Dayton's Best Pizza" in 28 local newspaper and magazine surveys and has been rated "Second In the Nation of Independent Pizza Establishments" in Pizza Today Magazine.

Marion’s is on the growth, Glass said. He noted the business opened a new location in Troy earlier this year, and will open another in Mason this coming November.

In spite of this success, he said he aims to keep the same delicious traditions which brought his father success in the pizza business. "A lot of people eating here are second- or third-generation customers who have eaten here growing up with their families,” Glass said. "People have grown up here and we offer the same menu and same quality that we did 47 years ago.”

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About Tristan Navera

Another Food Critic

Tristan is a regular contributor to Dayton Local and the owner of Another Food Critic, the Ohio food blog. Visit him at or email him at

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