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Another Food Critic’s Places To Eat

Another Food Critic’s Places To Eat

BY Tristan Navera | Thursday, July 19, 2012

With hundreds of restaurants in the Dayton area, it can be hard to find which places are the best. Yet, with new concepts constantly opening, the local cuisine can always surprise you.

Whether you think you've tried it all, or you're just bored with your regular go-to place, here are a few dives in Dayton you can't miss.

The Brunch Club

The Brunch Club

It's easy to pass by Brunch Club regularly and yet miss it completely. The modest little wedge-shaped restaurant stands at an odd intersection a mile or so south of downtown Dayton. Still, an excellent array of dishes make The Brunch Club somewhere you'll want to return to. The sandwiches are tasty and always fresh, there's a wide array of delicious breakfast items like pancakes and omelets. The Spice Island Wrap is to die for.
More Information: The Brunch Club - 65 South Main Street, Dayton.

Bill's Donuts

Bills Donut Shop

If you've spent any time in the Centerville area, this place needs no introduction. No matter the time of day, you'll always see a crowd in this Centerville shop. The dough is very sweet with a hint of cinnamon and then lightly fried; just enough for the doughnut to be crisp but not crunchy. The glaze is sweet and adds a lot but isn't overwhelming, while icing, nuts and fruit decorate many of the decadent donuts. Every time I have come to Bill's I have been impressed with how friendly the service has been and how the business seems to genuinely care for its customers.
More Information: Bill's Donuts - 268 North Main Street, Centerville.



Opened just last year by recent UD graduates, FUSIAN takes the intimidating sushi roll and makes it approachable for anyone. The business features a walk-up stand where you can custom build a roll of sushi, and is absolutely perfect for introducing a new person to the obscure sushi concept. If you're squeamish about eating the seaweed wrap, soy wraps are available. If you're uncomfortable with crab or raw fish, there is steak; there aren't any reasons you'd be uncomfortable with the dish when it can be made with all-American ingredients.
More Information: FUSIAN - 1200 East Brown Street #125, Dayton.

Olive, an urban dive

 Olive, an urban dive

A new concept opened near the Oregon District, the menu at Olive is sort of a unique blend of Americana burgers and Mediterranean delicacies. All of them are homemade, original recipes with a creative twist; the "urban burger" is filled with green leeks and aioli. The "summer in a bowl salad" has an orchestra of about a hundred fruits and vegetables, but it all comes together beautifully. Olive epitomizes the urban dive concept: It's unassuming, laid back and if you haven't set foot in the doors of the place, you just haven't done it justice.
More Information: Olive, an urban dive - 416 East Third Street, Dayton.

Thirteen years living in Dayton and I still feel like I'm just scratching the surface of the restaurant scene here.

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Another Food Critic

Tristan is a regular contributor to Dayton Local and the owner of Another Food Critic, the Ohio food blog. Visit him at or email him at

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